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I'm Kat and I'm here to help you...

Conquer your cravings...

Kickstart your feel good...

Squash the can't do monkey...

Swallow some belief pills...

Because if you're waiting...

...for the stars to align...for the perfect time... you are guaranteeing FAILURE.
Use and abuse the tantalizing tidbits of know-how I toss your way, try out my formulas for HIIT, diets, and mountain moving motivation, steal my secrets and finally answer the age old question... "Why can't I eat pasta and lose weight?!"
You are a rockin' goddess of gut busting gloriousness! And you are destined for epicness.


Get your kickass life project started. Use my free stuff to (insert your deepest fitness desire here) and do it while keeping your dignity and your lip gloss intact. 

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"My time with Kathleen leaped me forward in my attempts to chip away at the challenges that were stopping me from feeling my best and I'm in a better position than ever to complete the goals that I have struggled with for the last few years.”

Vice principal, mother, wife, friend, client

"You know it's amazing the things I learned from you. I know I have ups and downs, fall off the wagon and sometimes get lost but it is what you taught me that always keeps me getting back to a better effort and place.
I just want you to know I am eternally grateful for you and your programs.

Ministry of Forests, cutting horse rider with style

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