Get ready for 'AHA I'll drink to that' mind shift moments

I freakin' love those moments when you make a mental side step and in one second everything is different...it's doable 🙂

Take advantage of Pro Tip Lightbulb success ideas

Simple solutions to big problems. Get clear on where you're going and how to get there.

Start unlocking your own secrets

Shortcuts into your own inner thoughts that have been so hard to access until now. These things won't hold you back anymore.

Get your checklists in order

Know what to do and when to do it. Step by step downloadable worksheets and 7 second takeaways to make things make sense.

See yourself in whole different light

My favourite question of the whole challenge..."If you already had your perfect body, how would you treat it today?"

What we'll cover in seven days...

  • Day one - Rewards 

I mean come on...why not start with the goodies you're gonna get at the end, right??

  • Day two - Rewrite

​The story you tell yourself matters. What is your story?

  • Day three - Goal Getting

Not goal setting! You've set goals before. How 'bout we get some??

  • Day four - Because Reasons

I know everyone talks about finding your 'why'. But not like this. 

  • Day five - Obstacles

The things you think are holding you back are just a front for the real reasons.

  • Day six - Allies

Increase your chances of success by 40% with this one step.

  • Day seven - Exercise

Ohhhh ya, we are gonna talk about that. But I pinky swear promise not to prescribe a single burpee

This is about fitness and health and weight loss. And it's not. It's about so much more than that. Because you already know what to do. Everyone knows what to do...it's the doing it that trips us up. Over the next 7 days you will uncover your unique obstacles, unlock your unique strengths, and unleash your unique future.

Build confidence with small successes so you can reset negative thought patterns and continue on a new, healthier path to wherever you want to go.

Sounds fancy, huh? 🙂 Well, I am kinda proud of this thing. And it's free. I want zero barriers between you and success.


So why listen to me?

Well I have credentials... boring. I have experience... yawn. I have success stories... sitting up straighter. I have money back guarantees... listening. A lot of what I teach has nothing to do with exercise... gotcha!!!

I am not interested in selling you 'drop 10 lb in 10 days' so you can gain '20 lb in 20 days'. I'm interested in showing you how to make lasting changes that will give you more energy, more confidence, and better health...even if you already have a fitness routine.

Ready to get started?