Never mess with a woman who does burpees for fun

Hey! I'm Kat... tea and happiness enthusiast... plus I dabble in being healthy so I can enjoy life 😉 Wanna join me?

car legal in most countries

Wanna wake up excited about breakfast...not wondering what diet you can finally stick with?

Wanna stand in front a of a camera and smile instead of ducking behind someone to hide your body? (look slimmer on camera tips here)

​Wanna negotiate with your brain and win when what you really want to do is curl up in a corner and eat cookies?

​Wanna accept a compliment from a stranger and not be second guessing if what they really meant was, "oooo she should not be wearing those pants..."

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This is where I come in


I'm the fitness fairy.

I just sprinkled motivation dust on you.

Now go move your ass. This shit is expensive.

I help the frustrated, the lost and the uber confused, bulldoze through their own objection walls like a ballerina with a medicine ball and relationship baggage.

But who the heck is this goofy geek anyway?

I am Kathleen Elizabeth Middleton. Sure it's a famous name now but I had it first 🙂 ...I have offered to stand in for the Duchess but I'm still waiting to hear back...any day now, I'm sure...

I was also born in England so, you know, I'm practically related.... but my parents moved to Canada when I was six so they could afford the dental work.

The good - I love being strong so I can explore the world under my own steam, I cheat with candy, and I think my almost grown children are  the coolest people I know.  

The bad - I have recently had my heart shattered, and I am allergic to chocolate and coffee... you're not sure which to feel worse about for me, are you? 😉

The ugly - I am a recovering grammar police addict, I toot when I run, and have an OCD thing about bra and panties matching. 

The truth - I'm a 40 something woman striving to balance it all and sharing what I learn along the way with all the silly hat wearing, bff loving,  take a deep breath and do it anyway women who fall into bed each night with stories to tell and a desire to wake up with feet itching to start the kickass shoes. 

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So why listen to me?


Well I have credentials... boring. I have experience... yawn. I have success stories... sitting up straighter. I have money back guarantees... listening. A lot of what I teach has nothing to do with exercise... gotcha!!!

I am not interested in selling you 'drop 10 lb in 10 days' so you can gain '20 lb in 20 days'. I'm interested in showing you how to make lasting changes that will give you more energy, more confidence, and better health...even if you already have a fitness routine.

I'm a clutzy adventurer

I believe...
in the power of intention.

That human beings are emotional creatures and giving you facts is like trying to stop a 5 year old from OD'ing on Skittles by explaining the evils of high fructose corn syrup. (it doesn't work for me either...but there are things that do work...)

That when a person tries...knowing they could do everything right and still not get the results they want...knowing they've tried before and failed and they are terrified of letting themselves down again...but they try anyway ... that is faith, that is power, that is bravery, that is strength.

To all of you who try...thank you 🙂 You motivate me. I believe in you.

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My Super Power is...
doing one leg plyo pistol squats, (which totally helps during my epic downhill skiing fails), and procrastinating in the face of life and death deadlines better than a stoned teenager with homework.

My Kryptonite is...
talking on the phone, spiders, and a fear of being chased by bears while on a trail run.

Ernest Hemingway said the value of a person's life is measured by the risks they are willing to take.

Don't be a coward when it comes to love or fitness.

​Always take the risk. (maybe with supervision when it comes to fitness though...)

I once went all in at poker without looking at my cards...and won