Your kickass year to create a kickass life

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Imagine this krazy world...

you + me + one year in a high vibe 1:1 mentoring program

Imagine a 75% discount

* once in a lifetime deal

*  intensely limited spaces

This chance...

will never come around again

I'm shutting down personal training and I want to go out with a bang... but I need your help 🙂

So this is one krazy ass deal for your kickass self to get in the best shape of your krazy ass life!

This time next year, both of my children will be graduated and I will be on a beach with 12 fit, free, glorious women celebrating their awesome year of kickassery.


Imagine rockin’ a bathing suit without fear even if you don’t have a perfect body.

Imagine loving the strength and feel of your body from the inside out.

Imagine toasting each of the women around you for the obstacles you have all overcome, the tears you have shed together, the support you have offered, the memories you have made, the triumphs you have shared.

Imagine journeying to the healthiest possible version of yourself this year … the final year of Heartbeats Fitness personal training.

I may never do anything like this again.

I probably won’t.

If I do, I’ll charge double what it’s full value is worth now. But I probably won’t do it at all.

It’s gonna be a lot of work…for both of us.

And I want to let go of what was and come out the other side of this next year with new, bigger, shinier goals.

If I’m honest, this scares the crap out of me.

And if I get to the end of this year and I haven’t reached my online business goals, I’ll be going to university.

But I’ll be on that beach no matter what. Will you? Wanna come with me on a krazy year of health, fun, and friends?

Apply now and let me know what info you need ‘cause I’m sure you’ve got questions. There are, of course, a few catches – like I’m only accepting women aged 25 – 55.

PS – If you’re a little scared as well, that’s a great sign :).


· 12 one on one personal training sessions (in person or online so you can do this even if you don’t live near me)


· Unlimited online access to your workouts, exercise tracking, food journaling, meal plans, video trainings and everything else you need to stay on track


· Daily motivation messages that you can read with my voice in your head so you know I’m close by to support you (they are all 160 characters or less so they are easily digestible)


· 52 weekly health hack habits that don’t require a drop of sweat and powered by the world’s most effective habit building system (if you only did these habits faithfully, and nothing else, you’d be miles ahead)


· Bonus mini programs such as the 7 Day Sugar Free Me challenge· 2 -3 conference calls / workinars a month with me and the other gals to share, support, motivate and learn. They’ll be recorded so even if you can’t attend all of them, you won’t miss out.


· Meal plans galore plus nutritional guidance up the wahoo


· Game style workouts and challenges plus personalized fitness tests so you can see and feel the progress you’re making.


· A group VIP Day (via internet) – we’ll plan out your meals and workouts together for an entire month so you can go on autopilot.


· A $1000 credit for any of my online programs that will become valid this time next year as an incentive to keep reaching for your goals. Even after the personal training as we know it ends, you won’t be left hanging 🙂


· And it all finishes with our tribe spending 3 days on a beach retreat getaway (not included but I've got plan A, B, and C to make sure everyone is covered)


Intrigued? Excited? Motivated? Wanna know the craziest part? It’s basically free.


I told you this was a krazy ass deal, right? Well, that’s an understatement.

Here’s the first twist… you’re going to make a $100 bet right after your initial investment. I know! Crazy right?

You’re going to bet yourself $100 that you’ll reach your one month goals (which I will help you set up). Then I’m going to match your bet with another $100.

When you successfully achieve the goals at the end of the first month, I will give you your original bet back plus the $100 I matched it with.

You will double your money and be on a success momentum train that leads to the beach with 12 other kickass ladies.


· 12 PT sessions w/ unlimited online training access $1200


· 1 year of the world’s most effective Habit Building system $250 (intro pricing)


· 1 year of exclusive training workinars 2-3 times a month $1200


· Workout games and customized fitness tests bonus $100


· VIP Day w/ Kitchen Klean Up & meal plans $300


· $1000 reward credit for crossing the finish line $1000


A tight knit group of women who are going through this krazy year with you… priceless.


That’s a total value of $4050. But I’m only going to ask you to invest $1100.


That's a one time payment for an entire year of kickassery and fun.

Applying is free

with zero obligation. Applying is just to see if we're a good fit for each other

and you'll get '52 health hacks that don't require exercise' plus '4 habits for fast fat loss' as a bonus no matter what you decide about the kickass year

Kickass Year Recap

Pull up a chair and brew yourself a cuppa (tea or coffee). It's time to level.

Let me ask you this .When you're absolutely, 100%, unquestionably honest with yourself—how is 2017 panning out for you so far? Are you:

Hitting your fitness goals?

Living life on your terms?

Happy with your relationships? Satisfied with your eating habits? Pleased with how your body feels (+ loving getting older)?

Are you?

If your 2017 sucks or it's turning out to be another year of should have's ... if you're not losing the weight (again) and accepting the new heavier you as the new normal... if you're still turning in circles or feel like you're treading air when it comes to diets and guilt...

You can still finish on a high.

You can still hit your goals.

You can still create the life that allows you to live on your terms, not the media's.

You still CAN!

But you've got to hurry. This isn't me creating pressure.

This is TIME running away from YOU. You're getting older. Your body isn't as forgiving as you age. You want more confidence. And why shouldn't you have it? You CAN. But you've got to work for it and make shit happen.

or until all 12 (now 6) remaining spots are taken

Your customized personal training sessions can be held at your home, at either Y location, outside, or online (if you do not live in Kamloops).

Meeting once a month is a great way to stay on track and, more importantly, to make safe, effective progress toward your ultimate goals.

Sessions are our chance to connect one on one so you feel 100% supported and always have a more winging it and hoping for the best.

Earn 4 extra PT sessions for every friend you successfully refer to the Krazy Kickass Year (meaning they join our posse of 12).

I will have ways you can earn extra free PT's throughout our year together.

You can purchase extra PT sessions at any time.

You will have two main apps so that everything you need is at your fingertips

The Kickass Life Project app will give you online and offline access to your workouts, downloads, food logs, meal plans, and schedule. It also gives your daily midday motivation messages 🙂

The Health Coach app will be your portal to the world's most effective healthy habit building system - no more searching for emails to find info on's all stored in the app

You will literally have your personal trainer available to you whenever you have questions, need a pep talk, or just want to brag!

Text, email, phone call, in app messaging, FB, smoke signals...I may not always be able to answer instantly but I am at your disposal for one year.

Together we will build your confidence, create your kickass body, and bust through challenges. I have magic tricks up my sleeve 🙂

Working out sucks. Even the people who like it will tell you it's hard and you get sore and eating pizza is way more fun.

So I've got you covered with gamified workouts and challenges that you can do at home, as an add on, or with other people.

And don't worry about fitness 'tests'. It's not like at school where you can fail anything. These are secret weapons to prove your getting stronger every day

"I promise that if you incorporate these habits into your life in a real and meaningful way, you will lose weight without losing a drop of sweat or I will refund every penny!"

That's right...if you did nothing else during our time together but you did do these habits and still didn't get 'healthier you' results, I will refund your entire kickass year.

BOOM...that should be wallet dropping right there 😉

This is not the sexy side of fitness but this is the stuff you need to know to get your inside and outside syncing.

Be warned...nobody ever makes decisions based on knowledge. You know cheesecake isn't a health food but that knowledge doesn't stop it going down.

What these 'workinars' will do is give you the tools to turn the knowledge into action. We'll get behind the info and tackle the thing that drives us...emotions

A $300 bonus that will guarantee you reach your month one goals and double your bet money!

You'll know exactly how do calculate that 80/20 rule thing so you you can finally have your 'cheats' without guilt plus we'll customize a workable plan for your month so that your meals, shopping lists, and workouts are scheduled into your life instead of interfering with your life.

This is the kickstart that you need!

Now your friend will not get the complete personalized experience that you are getting but they will be able to sit in on the workinar parts and have access to meal plans and the workouts and the scheduling and they will walk away ready to rock their month right along side you.

This is perfect for getting a spouse on board or giving your BFF the boost they need or teaching your teenager adult planning skills.

Giving is a huge part of the kickass philosophy. So let's give!

If I have a meal plan, it is yours. Gluten free, vegetarian, low carb, holistic whole food, simple and easy...and then I'm going to show you why you don't need them.

Meal plans are good on paper and they are all recipes...all of it is yours!

But nutritional guidance is what will get you to your goals and that doesn't come on paper. We'll start with why it doesn't take 524 burpees to burn off french fries 🙂

I'm going to be're going to get more than you can use during this next year. Believe it or not, the simplest things are going to make the biggest difference.

That said, I want you to have access to everything that can make a difference. I want your to feel that whatever resource you need, it is there when you need it.

And these things will always be available to you. There is no expiry date.

Be vulnerable—not afraid. Be courageous—not striving for perfection. Allow yourself to be good enough—because as long as you give it your best, you ARE.

You are going to achieve all of this and more in the next year but I want to know that when our year is over, I'm not kicking you out of the nest without a safety net.

When we celebrate your achievements on the beach next summer I'm giving $1000 in KLP credit to use on any program I offer - no expiry.

The world CRAVES real people. Real contact. Real relationships.

Because when you're feeling so super grateful you could cry tears of joy, you need a tribe that gets it to share with. When you experience the magic of being filled with true freedom and peace from your fears, you need souls to connect with.

Your life is always changing, people come and go...the 12 women joining you on this journey are coming in to your life for a reason. Embrace this.

Your kickass year to create a kickass life

Only 12 6 spots left

Apply for the Journey

ZERO pressure to application! It simply means you are ready to be kickass and want to see if this is a good fit for you 🙂